About Us

Welcome to Physical Therapy Specialists! We specialize in orthopedic physical therapy, which means we help people live their best active life. If you’re an athlete getting over an injury or surgery, we’re here for you. If you’ve been in a painful car accident or torn a muscle or tendon, we’re here for you. If you’ve been dealing with arthritis, tendonitis or other inflammation, we’re here for you, too.

Our mission is to provide physical therapy services that exceed expectations.

You won’t receive the “standard” level of care from us, because we believe you deserve more. You will not only live pain-free; we will also empower you to be your strongest, healthiest self long-term.

Get started today by booking an appointment - no doctor referral needed!

Message from Our Founders

“Our team has been together since 2003, when we began serving Tulsa area patients at Physical Rehab Center (PRC). We’ve always shared a passion for helping people overcome pain, and we’ve always believed that physical therapy can - and should - be a fun, welcoming and positive experience. Now, as co-founders of Physical Therapy Specialists, we offer that same experience in a therapist-run setting.

Physical Therapy Specialists wants to be your primary care provider for orthopedic issues and injuries, so we make the process easier with no referral requirements, same- to next-day evaluations, financial help and flexible treatment schedules. We want you to feel comfortable and welcome when you walk through our doors, because we genuinely love helping you succeed. We want you to feel valued and involved throughout your treatment plan. And when you reach the goals we’ve set together, we want you to leave better and stronger than ever.

If you’re ready to live your best active life, Physical Therapy Specialists is here to be your partner in recovery and lifelong wellness.”

-Andrew Negley, DPT, Director of Physical Therapy & Gail Pianalto, CEO